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Delivering solutions through understanding


Software is common; 

it’s the understanding

that's uncommon


That's where

Agnos lives



The Agnos Software team has been creating connections between humans via the Internet for over 20 years. Originally created to develop public facing websites for local businesses, we now focus on driving change by supporting digital entrepreneurship.


With many options for high-quality hosting providers and application developers, our biggest competitive advantages are in customer enablement and process simplification.



Agnos Software, LLC was founded around Garrett Walz’s experience as a developer, solution designer and process improvement leader.

He has a BS in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, with a minor in Network Communications and Web & Database design, and a MBA with a minor in Marketing from Colorado State University.  Starting back in the late 1990's, he created and ran a small web application development company which concentrated on global peer-to-peer communication and storage apps.  An additional arm provided admin-forward, data acquisition applications primarily used in finance and accounting solutions.

From there he joined the General Electric Company where he held roles as an IT project, global program leader, six-sigma blackbelt and IT eCommerce leader for one GE’s largest business lines.  During his tenure at GE, he personally developed several applications, most focused on global database connectivity, and he lead teams that built some of the most complex and industry-leading IT solutions.

He also co-founded a veterinary medical technology business where he developed and deployed a customer-facing, interactive application.  As the backbone of this business it creates an interface between vet hospitals and geographically diverse medical service providers, in order to dramatically expedite the diagnosing of numerous animal diseases. 



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